Myra Falls

Last summer I was here for an extended visit and had a bit more time to travel and sightsee. One weekend we drove up to Myra Falls, in Lower Austria. It’s a beautiful system of waterfalls, which extends for 20 something flights of narrow wooden stairs, on which you can walk up to get to the top.

There were very many tourists there on that hot summer day, as it was on a Sunday, but the falls gave a very pleasant breeze which made the heat bearable. The water was splashing everywhere around you, very loud and wild, and we photographed everything on our way up, and then down for the descent, because we wanted to take that beauty home with us.

When you get to the top, there is a lovely meadow and there you can find a small place where children can play, while the adults relax with some well-deserved refreshments. I really enjoyed that Sunday at Myra Falls and would definitely add it to the ‘must see’ list in Austria!

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