New Friends

Learning a new language is always a new and interesting experience of your life. Who knows where it may help you?
There is a couple of options of making this done. It’s on your choice – do it individually or in motivated team just like you. In addition, studying in big or even small groups, might provide you not only language skills practice, but a new acquaintances and maybe friends.
Last month i finished my first course at Deutsch Akademie, and there I found a new friend. His name is Sikai. He grew up in China and while  finishing high school, he decided to continue his education in Italy as an Opera singer. So now he’s in an exchanging program, which provides him a two month studying in Vienna, and that’s the time we met each other. What I like about an international acquaintance is that, you may be from different countries, have own mother tongue, have varied traditions and diversified view points, but you still can communicate with each other and be friends. Furthermore it’s very interesting to learn more about other culture and life from insiders point. So now I have one more person in Vienna, who i can call friend and ask for help if I need to, or to go out in the evening and have a bottle of beer together.
However now we are in different groups, but this doesn’t prevent us from communication and continuation our friendship. He has even invited me to Italy for the time when he will have returned home, so maybe one day I will go to Italy!

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