A New Journey begins


On Monday I started a new chapter in my life regarding the process of learning German. I am speaking about the fact that I finished my A level, and just started the B1.1. level in Deutsch Akademie.

If usually I was saying that the classes are quite intensive, this month I will reinforce my statement as we are having classes from Monday to Friday, so 3 hours per day, every week day. I will keep you updated regarding this experiment.

As I started to work, I am doing the evening classes. I can say that we are a little bit more quiet and maybe tired, as most of my colleagues are working. From my point of view, having a German class in the evening, also shows our commitment and desire for learning German.

I am very excited about this new beginning and I hope my time will allow me to try to have some posts in German.

In the end, I would like to ask you how is your process of learning German going? Are you satisfied with your evolution?

Keep practicing… practice, practice, practice is the key of learning. 15320303_1334833536535311_115695408_n


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