night life

image imageif you’re bored in vienna…. it’s your own fault! there is so much to do all over this city. one of the cool things about this school is they offer a get together one time each month. the event ‘Stammtisch’ is advertised all over with flyers & also by the instructors, and also online facebook. so you won’t miss it.

our class made the choice to go together as a group. it was a great opportunity to meet my class mates in a more personal way. very interesting because we are all new to vienna & have stories from all over the world. its amazing to hear what life is like in South India, or what it’s like to grow up in Western Spain. I thought how cool to meet all these different people. Normally you don’t just go for drinks with 5 people all from different backgrounds but all learning and wanting to speak German. if i told myself four years ago that: i would be sitting in a bar in Austria, speaking German for 2 hours with a girl from Nepal… i would have said …. ughhhh you’re crazy. but interestingly enough. it did happen. life can take you on many amazing adventures, if you let it.

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