Just 2 more days and I am completing my first month here, in Vienna. I haven’t discovered yet something not to like at this place. Probably the city has his dark secretes too like every oder place, hope I won’t have to find out :).

I am really enjoying my staying here although I have to say I wish I would have done this when I was younger. I have this colleague, she is like 18 years old and she cammed here by herself, that, I found really brave.

The courses went well for the last month, I made a few friends easier then I thought it will be, saw some very nice places around. Still, I feel like if I would have been like 5 years yoIMG_20150929_171727297unger at least…I guess I would have felt more comfortable with time passing so fast. I miss home a bit, actually what I miss most is my cat that I wasn’t able to bring with me, haven’t made him a passport yet and also is kind of hard to find a flat here that is pet friendly :(.

The last days of October me and my boyfriend started looking for another a place to live, where we will be allowed to bring our cat. We rescued this sweet animal 2 years ago, he was like 10 days old when we found him. We had to feed him with a baby bottle like for 5 times a day for 2 months, then he started eating by himself.

I wasn’t really a cat person till we found this guy, but after this experience…I don’t know, you just can’t go back to not having a cat.

You know, this is the best treatment for depression, nostalgia, boredom and all sort of things that make you waste time. So, yep…I really like Vienna, I just wish I was 23 and I had my cat with me :).
By the way, he is adorable, smart, very clean, he is used with the litter and he is not chewing anything like cables, walls, furniture. So if you have a flat to rent maybe you can make it pet friendly :).

Bis bald!

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