Off to Finland!

Since in couple of days I am going to back to Finland for my winter holidays, I wanted to tell few words about the country that has such an significant importance to me. First of all, this was my first steps in a path of an independent life. I grew up, became a more mature person and realized what I actually desire to do in life there. This place presented me with tons of positive emotions, a good educational foundation, ability to go to Vienna (!!!). There, I met wonderful people and found my true friends! This country stands out for the marvelous beauty of its nature. It is amazing both during winter and summer time! A huge amount of lakes spread through the whole country, green forests with rich flora -berries one love! And, fauna, of course – during a day you can run into squirrels, rabbits or even deers (if you are lucky enough). This country knows how to amaze you – we once were fortunate to see the northern lights and that was incredible!




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