Oh, Gott!

Oh, Gott!

If none feels as horrible as I do, when I have to wake up so early, then just cast a stone at me, really! I am anyway already half way dead with such a schedule ! Today I woke up at 5 in the morning ‘coz I was just afraid to be late at the course like I was yesterday. You may say it is my paranoia, but I tell you – being late just for an hour may end up that you miss something important in the class. For example, yesterday they learned there how to use these “dessen, denen” things…and me?! I was meanwhile learning something else in my dreams. Anyway, I do hope we’ll repeat the stuff today again, I hate it feeling myself stupid.

Sounds wierd, but in fact attending classes leads to much more changes in the life than one expects. Besides for German, one learns how to handle things that you dislike but have to do. Like waking up in time for instance, which is for me the Hell’s Highway, because I’m old and lazy. One also learns that things have always positive aspects. Today I woke up far too early, was so frustrated, so I had to entertain myself somehow. I took my camera. And here we are – there is a pic – just from my window – i didn’t know that in the dark the view is so fantastic. You see?


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