One day

Today I want to share with you one day at Deutsch Akademie class. My lesson starts at 11.45 every day till the Friday, four days a week, 3 hours per day – that’s my schedule there. But despite the fact of everyday lessons, they don’t turn into routine or annoying pastime. Because everytime, something new get introduced into educational process. And I can’t say I’m not happy with that 🙂

So today after I had come in class, we had a new kind of German learning. The point is, somebody brings a piece of paper for everybody with the lyrics of song in German. Then we listen to it, analyse, and translate almost every line. As I can say, it makes sense. Because I already used that tactics while had been learning English, and especially it helps when you cannot remember one particular word. You just need to recall that line from the song, which has this word and everybody is happy then! Also it teaches you some slang words and every day expressions, which can’t be taught by book.

By the way we did some grammar stuff as well, which is obviously, as it is still one of the main components in language construction. Today my whole world overturned, because everything what I had been learning about German so far and particularly the main state: “Verb is always on 2 position” isn’t an axiom anymore! So let’s start again and learn that in the “Nebensatz” verb is coming at last position…
What else do you have for me Deutsch?

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