Online German Course

In this post, I would like to recommend you the online platform of DeutschAkademie for learning and practising German. Below you can find 10 reasons to visit and attend this online German course! The benefits that DeutschAkademie offers to you with that online German course are various. Let’s begin!

1. It has been designed by experienced German teachers

2. More than 20.000 German grammar and vocabulary exercises

3. Approximately 800-hour interactive online German course

4. The exercises are structured according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages

5. Whenever you want, it is possible to control your process online

6. There is a forum where a German teacher will answer your questions

7. Clear explanations for each grammar point and grammar rule

8. It can be used as a supplement to your main German course or to help you to teach yourself German

9. There are also many chapters and lessons for improving your audio German skills

1.Picture: Audio German course and Learn German smartphone application!

10. Last but not least, it’s free!

I am looking forward to hearing your opinion about DeutschAkademie’s online German course!

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