Opera Live Outdoors

Right across our building from Karlspaltz, is situated the Wiener Staatsoper – with a history dating back to the mid-19th century. It is an important place to see while you visit or live in Vienna. I totally recommend to go to a show there or try one of the guided tours they offer.

With the occasion of the New Year, the opera and ballet performances from the Wiener Staatsoper are broadcast live on a video screen outside the opera house. The audience can thus enjoy the performances in a relaxed atmosphere in the open, and naturally with free admission. In the afternoon before the performances and after the broadcast a potpourri of special moments will be shown on the outdoor screen. With some hot tea and warm clothes you can enjoy a magic atmosphere.


According to Wien Staatsoper website, the following performances are going to run in the next couple of days:

Wed, 28th December 2016
19.00 – 22.00 

Die Zauberflöte

Thu, 29th December 2016

19.30 – 21.45
Hänsel und Gretel

Fri, 30th December 2016

19.00 – 22.15
Raymonda (Ballet)

Sat, 31th December 2016

19.00 – 22.30
Die Fledermaus

Sun, 1st Januar 2017

11.15 – 13.30
New Year’s Concert  – Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
19.00 – 22.30 Uhr
Die Fledermaus.

Make some time, and enjoy one of this performances in an exquisite atmosphere.

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