Parndorf…funny story

Last weekend I was to the Parndorf famous outlet brand. Have to say I was really waiting for this one to come :D. Back home I have lot of friends (girls obviously) that were here and they were always super excited about the shopping and the good prices for cloths and shoes, jewelry and everything. So …I went, it was really nice, just that I spent an entire day running trough stores, so many people and too many choices.
I was the only girl in a group of four, imagine that I finished my shopping first, I didn’t new that was possible. Anyway I roamed the place without actually wanting to buy something, but I had this objective in my mind…to visit some shoes store, I will not tell which one….I’ll just tell this, is the only place in Parndorf where you have to stay in a line for at least 30 minutes, you will definitely recognize it if you go there. So, imagine this, I wasn’t planning to buy anything, but, since I stood in a line for something like 40 minutes….well I said to myself that I won’t be sitting at this line again in the near future, so I got myself a pair of new boots.

Usually, this place is opened till 18:00, I think thought they have opened on Friday till 21:00, anyway, we went on Saturday, being sure that the stores are opened till 21:00….nope, that wasn’t so. Also the last bus to Vienna is living at six in the evening.

So we got out of the last store that was opened still around six and a half. We were walking slowly to the bus station, when, surprise…no buses, no nothing. We wanted to take a taxi to get us to the train station but we didn’t found one, so we walked to the train station, on the highway :)). It is a good thing that we were in Austria and you can find everywhere a bike track. There are like 2 km froIMG_20151024_182555098m Parndorf Outlet to the train station, just in case this happens to you too, don’t despair…you will have a really nice view on the freeway, it is perfectly safe and you can also check your evening workout. Also there is a train to Vienna to each half hour and you can buy yourself a ticket from the machine that you find at the train station.

At the beginning we got scared a bit…fortunately for us, in this country you seem to find solutions for a lot problems.

Have a nice Sunday!

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