Picnic am Donau

Picnic culture

The practice of  picnic, described by some sources as “an elegant meal eaten out-of-doors” has its roots back in the European culture. After the French Revolution in 1789, royal parks became open to public and picnicking became popular activity among newly enfranchised citizens. The reflection of Picnic in art is tremendously wide: from fine paintings (Manet) to Oscar winning movies (1955).

Nowadays, Vienna

I have to admit that I was really happy to discover that in Vienna there is strong and good-vibe picnic culture. A lot of people use every sunny day to chill in the numerous gardens and parks. Of  course, during the weekend is more busy, but honestly you can see a lot of people during weekdays too. Stadtpark, Schönbrunn, Prater, Belvedere, Donau – a lot of options for the people in Vienna.


Loving all the mentioned options, I would like to start with area around Donau. This is the city part around Danube river with its belonging park. Both sides of river are great for picnic! You can choose depending on how much sun:shadow balance you prefer. The area is allowed for dogs and that makes the place, automatically better if you have a dog. The grass is soft and the ground is clean. On the one side of the river there are open air barbecues, they can be booked in advance. There are also easy accessible and clean toilets, which makes the area nice for ladies.

Location and tips

You can go easy am Donau for picnic  by U2, station Donaustadtbrücke. Few picnic expert tips: bring re-usable glasses and plates – this is not only eco friendly but also very beautiful and set-changing detail. Use portable cooling bags for keep your drinks fresh for longer. Prepare light and easy-eating finger food such as Julienne Carrots and Paprika, Tzatziki salad, Humus and Fladen Bread.


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