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Vienna as an international culture and tourist appealing center, has a big amount of must-visit places. Everything depends on what you like and what you want to do. So here’s my own subjective list of activities to do if you visit Vienna.

At first, after landing in airport, go out and breathe in that wonderful air. As soon as you left your luggage in hotel, search for an U-Bahn plan in Internet, that will be needed. After making this done, go out for a walk through the city. At first i suggest to visit Stephansplatz, this is very nice and popular place to promenade, also sometimes varied fairs can be there where you can experience Austrian food or buy some self-made stuff. Don’t forget to visit the Old city, where is a lot of historical and wonderful structures still existing from the previous centuries. This is fascinating.
If you feel hungry, don’t be afraid of trying some stuff at street eateries, they are cheap and tasty.
Because our next stop is Belvedere Palace or Schönbrunn Schloss, they are both have giant territory and a bunch of things to do. It’s the time when U-bahn helps you, because it works perfectly and what is more important – even kids can manage to use it, in case of simpleness and accessibility how it works. So entertain yourself with Tiergarten,or going up the hill where is a wonderful view in Schönbrunn or join a sightseeing tour in Belvedere. You will find activities to do there for a whole day. Enjoy it!



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