Preparation for test (and job interview!)

Day before the first test, today! Yes, tomorrow we have a small mid-way test for the teacher to see how everyone is doing and if we need help or to revise in something specific. We review the topic of the Imperativ which we saw in A1.2, with verbs like “machen”, like “arbeiten” with “t” or “d”, like “lesen” or “sprechen” that change their “e” to “i”, and like “fahren” with the “ä”. Then the teacher introduces the modal verbs “sollen” and “können” in their Präteritum form: sollte, konnte.

As tomorrow is the test, we spend the second part of the class after the break that we always take at 10am, to revise the topics that we have done in the past classes, in this case the topics of the first 4 units of the book that we are using.

After class I rush home, cause I want to have lunch and I have to prepare for the test of tomorrow, but most importantly because I have to research a company… because I was asked to join (tomorrow afternoon) an interview for the application that I sent during the weekend! I’m over the moon but I don’t want to jinx it. Will follow updates. I leave you with a beautiful commercial that I see on my way home from school, and that leaves me in awe every time.