Progress so far….

One week down, 3 to go. I can’t believe how fast this week went by. In total, I’ve spoken only german “nur Deutsch” for a total of 14 hours! 👍👍👍I notice that I’m speaking more quickly and I have a broader vocabulary. It’s amazing how much you can learn from just 3 hours a day.

I’m also excited that I’ve learned more practical language skills to help day to day life. Not just all grammar and technical learning. Zum Bispiel (for example) : “Darf ich”? is “May I”? In the elevators in Austria the first floor is labeled “E”. Why? I had no clue. Well itimage stands for Erdgeschloss, which means “earth key”, meaning you are on the ground. I learned that Austria has a little different vocabulary than in Germany. Zum Bispiel (for example), in germany you can say “die Stuhl” for a chair but in Austria it’s also OK to say “die Sessel”. Since I’m learning german in Austria, I prefer to use the words more common in Vienna.

Some topics we have covered so far include:

Polite way to meet people and ask them general questions about themselves.
How to explain where you live, what you like about the area.
Directions. How to find a place by using help from others.

Doing well so far, my boyfriend is from Vienna and reassures me that my german is getting better!

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