Read a book!

With the advice of a friend, i took it apon myself to buy my first german language book. i had to buy something i could understand, so i went into the book store … “Thalia”…. equivalent to US’s barns&nobel and walked straight to the little kid section. there you find colorful and big text size pages. i was so happy to be buying my first all german story.


I wasn’t sure what the title meant… because I didn’t know what ‘Kleeblatt’ was. but the rest i understood. and that’s exactly how im going to get thru this book. understand 6 out of 7 words. this way i build a vocabulary using context. as long as i have a story line to follow ( a fairly easy one with no seriously twisting plots ) then it should all come together like a puzzle. im already on page 11 out of about 150. just a nice easy breezy read. so far each page is taking me at least 1 minute to fully digest. which is actually great because an american english book with about 250 pages takes me 1 week in total to read. i mean, if i stick with german language books, #1 my german will improve #2 i dont spend nearly the same money as english books #3 return to my childhood state of mind 😊👍🐥

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