Rein, rauf… rats?

Relaxing day today regarding the grammar and new things: we learnt about the use of rein, raus, rauf etc. and we revised the Wechselpräpositionen which we did yesterday with both Dativ and Akkusativ. We played a very funny game in couples, in which we had to tell each other where the rats were on a picture that we were given. Of course, the rats were in different positions in our two pictures, and Zeinab and I got almost all of them right! I really enjoy these games because we get to practise in a very spontaneous way, and I find it important that we have some lighter days where we add some vocabulary and just a little grammar, cause it can be hard to do keep up the attention in such an intensive course.

Today the sun is unexpectedly shining and the wind is not to strong, so after the class I decide to go to the place that made me fall in love with Vienna and move here: the Belvedere. I just love the garden, and although in summer and spring is much more colourful, it has its charm even in winter. The highlight of the art collection is of course “der Kuss” in the Upper Belvedere.