Report: the second week has gone

Hello guys,

my last post were interviews or informative and hands-on. Today I am going to write about myself and how do I study, live etc.

This is my third week in Vienna. So far so good! I mean: very good. This city amazes me every day. All the possibilities, new friends or swimming (article about recommendations of places where to swim is on coming soon!). Although this August is very hot, I am really enjoying.

Every day lesson at DeutschAkademie

I am every day present there, for an intensive course or conversation. I really enjoy studying there. It’s a modern place, our teacher is very good and, in the office, they are always nice too and they try to help me. I really feel how good is the intensive course working for me. We learn every day new grammar and a lot of vocabulary. I do not even need to cram at home. It goes just smoothly.

About the test

In the middle of the intensive course, a few days ago, we had to do a small test. I don´t know the results, but it was very easy to prepare for it because everything stays in my mind from the lessons and homework.

I decided to continue

I realized I really want to go on. Continue. Go upper and upper. And I am really satisfied with this intensive course and DeutschAkademie generally. But the thing is that I will start my internship in the middle of September. I found they do semi-intensive courses too! That was a right match for me. So, I am in. Yes, I applied, paid. I was very easy, no need for e-mailing and online payment as before, when I was in the Czech Republic. I just visited the office and paid cash.

Continuing with DeutschAkademie means I will also continue blogging! Yaay! So, let me know in comments if there is anything you are interested in and I can write about it.

A lot of new friends

Yeah, a found a lot of new friends in the city, from DeutschAkademie and also others (through social media). Sadly, a few of them will leave soon, after they finish this intensive one-month course at the end of August.

That´s it guys, I really want to recommend this school to everybody. I am very satisfied and feel like home there.

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