Shopping and Ermaßigung!

Shopping is a wonderful thing that is necessary for every girl on this planet! And Saturday is a perfect day to go shopping in Vienna. Mariahilferstrasse is almost done with the construction works and soon enough it will turn to the walking area without buses or cars, which would encourage even more intense shopping atmosphere and provoke even more buying desires.

Today at 12 pm I went there for a simple purpose of buying fitness gloves for my gym sessions. There is a big shopping mall with a sports store where I bought my gloves only for 5 euro. The mission was completed and it was the time to go home. If only!! Unfortunately for my wallet, it is the sales season at the moment in most of the stores. So I couldn’t calmly pass by the shop windows and not to go inside.

Firstly, I went to Deichmann, which offers truly affordable shoes with a relatively good quality. The new collection caught my attention and I just wanted to try one pair of shoes for the later purchase. But it was a mistake! The boots set perfectly and I bought them immediately for a modest price of 29.99 euro. “What a catch!” – I thought. Now it was a time to go home. In reality it was not that easy to implement. After a shoe store I went directly to Forever 21, H&M, Bershka and other well-known brands’ stores.

After 4 hours of shopping I realized that I bought only the necessary stuff that I couldn’t live without: one scarf, one jacket, accessories, and a skirt. Still there was something missing, but I couldn’t understand what exactly. Then in order to help me out, my friend arrived at Neubaugasse: together we realized that the appropriate nail-polisher was missing. So we went to Bipa, where finally we were satisfied with the results.

After such a hard day, everyone needs a rest – so my friend and I went to Illy to get some nice lunch/dinner and show each other our purchases. It was a wonderful day and I advise every girl from time to time to schedule such an amazing day for herself.

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