Shpock and I

Before my studies officially begin I still have two weeks to go. My German course is almost finished and my Salsa lessons haven’t started yet. So I was thinking how to occupy myself for these couple of weeks as I hate doing nothing and having lazy days. Suddenly the opportunity popped up. Shpock, which is a start-up company in Austria, decided to launch a new promotion campaign. It was very convenient of me as I could improve my CV, earn some pocket money and help the company to develop. That is why I decided to join this campaign.

Let me tell you a bit about the company itself first. Shpock is a flea market for your mobile phone. It is an application that you can download for free and sell/buy different things through the online platform. The new campaign was related to the fact that Shpock has opened a new category of goods specifically for WU students. In order to get an access you have to verify your WU e-mail account. That is how the safety guarantee is maintained.

We had a promotion stand near WU Campus. We were also provided with several souvenirs from the company and brochures with explanation. I and other promoters had to attract students and get them to download the app and to apply the category. The job turned out to be harder than it seemed at the beginning. Apparently, it is not that easy to persuade people to do something they don’t feel the need to, or to raise interest in something they don’t actually know. This was exactly my task. So I tried promotion jobsmiling at passing by students, I was offering them brochures while singing, at the end I even turned on music and started dancing a bit. All measures were not effective enough: students were either in a hurry, or bored and irritated. By the end of the day I was really exhausted, I didn’t know what else I could possibly do. And I have to do promotions for 2 more weeks.

I guess I will have to sleep on that and try to figure out something tomorrow, but if someone knows a secret, I would love to know it.

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