SLFDHC …find out for yourself :)

I am almost coming to an end with my first course of German, tomorrow is the last day o course in A1.1. Now that I am here, trying to learn this language, which by the way, I heard that in a classification made by a linguist, it was the fourth most difficult language to learn.
Well, I won’t lie to you (a short parenthesis: what happened to that TV series “Lie to me”? It was pretty good :P)… all started really well with these classes, learning, having fun, getting to know new people…but as we go along things get harder and harder, you starting to learn more difficult things, like grammar and tenses, accusative and dative. It is really important to focus during classes, our teacher, probably the others the same, in the beginning he was using a few words in English, with the days passing he was starting the talk more and more in German, now he only speaks to us in German, so this is another reason why you will want to come to these classes after you slept just fine the other night and had a good meal before starting, you want no hunger or sleepy eyes to stop you from …..basically struggling to stay focused. So, eyes and ears on your teacher ( he also mimics a lot, because ..well you don’t know that much German 🙂 and fingers on your phone or a dictionary to quickly check that word that you already heard like five times today so it must be  important and frequently used, at least “Das ist meine methode”.
Another thing, don’t ever ever skip Hausaufgaben = Hausübung = homework. The homework is not for your teacher is for you and you want to keep up, things happen really fast, that’s why it is called and intensive course because it really is.
Last but not least: courage. Nobody expects from you to speak academically after one month of German, speak German with every chance you get: the grocery store, the restaurant, in classes, on street, with your friends, in the mirror, alone, in bed trying to fall to sleep. No worries
about accent, about fitting the words right in the sentences, about verbs…that will co me along with time…but ti2015-08-29 19.57.31ll then we still have things to tell to each other 🙂
So, recapitulation! Sleep-checked; lunch-checked; focused-checked; dictionary-checked; homework-checked; courage-checked; There you go….your technique: SLFDHC.
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