Small piece of Japan behind the Theater

Vienna has thousands of different restaurants. Thus, It is a very pleasant feeling to stumble upon a small restaurant out of the vast crowded field that captures an essence of food’s origin. The place I want to introduce you to does exactly that. There is a small piece of Japan hiding away behind the Volkstheater, with authentic kokeshi dolls and fantastic food. The Mari’s MetchaMatcha Wasyoku Cafe-Restaurant (link) is located at Neustiftgasse 7 in the 7th district (map).

The concept behind the restaurant is slightly different from any other place I have been to so far in Vienna when it comes to Japanese food. The people behind MetchaMatcha are focused on educating their customers about traditional and modern Japanese culture. Of course that culture includes delicious Japanese food.

The atmosphere, the food prep and presentation deliver an unforgettable experience. I don’t want to spoil the experience with photos of food or the decor. One should experience it for him/herself.  The place is rather small, for lunch you might be able to get away without having a reservation. However, for dinner I would highly suggest calling ahead. The restaurant does not take credit cards, so bring cash. You can communicate in German, Japanese or English (depending on who is working that day).

If you are in a hurry or the place is fully booked out, drop by, they have a lot of interesting to go treats. I will disclose one amazing item that everyone should try, the match cheese cake. Try it, you wont be sorry.


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