Some Viennale and a bit of German

Time is running really fast, I told myself I was going to do so many things this weekend and here I am trying at least write this article. I haven’t yet seen a single movie from Viennale: Vienna International Film Festival  and I am not surprised at all, this is so me, trying to do everything, getting to do nothing. The movie festival I was writing about is very similar to one we have back home in Romania. That one is called TIFF: Transilvania International Film Festival, maybe you heard about it and as this one, happing here in Vienna, which I assume is more opulent than TIFF, it takes place throughout all the city in many theaters. You better find their newspaper or magazine, maybe Viennale Zeitung :), every festival like this one has some kind of presentation for the movies program and it is really useful because these are not films that you can seek on Internet, maybe some of them, but for others you will probably want to now a description so you can than be able to choose what movie do you wanna see.
I was curious what am I missing by not yet going to this event and I searched a little about the movies that are running today (26th october) and I saw that before noon there were like 3 movies with Charlie Chaplin, I very much like his movies, my favorites: “The Great Dictator” with that famous speech, worth seeing it, “The Gold Rush” and “Modern Times”. I just remembered now that wonderful song written by Charlie Chaplin: “This is my song” and performed by Petula Clark and probably by many others, this song, from what I now, was intended for a film, also written and directed by Charlie Chaplin: “A Countess From Hong Kong” this one I didn’t saw, anyway a great song that you should here, I get really nostalgic for some reason when I here it.
I was saying that I am going to try and write a longer text in German so…here goes nothing 🙂
“Gewöhnlich mag ich keinen Sport, aber im Sommer mache ich gern Ausflüge in die Natur. Ich bevorzuge die setzt mit see so kann ich schwimmen. Ich weiß nicht so toll schwimmen, aber genug um nicht zu entrinken. Normalerweise bin ich eine faule Person, ich mag mit meine Freunde sitzen und ein Weinglas trinken und philosophische plätschernden.
Andernfalls ich höre gern Musik und ich schaue Filme, vor allen Science-Fiction. Mein favorit ist “Mad Max” (1,2,3 und 4)”

See ya!



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