Sports in Vienna: Squash

Sports in Vienna

For me Vienna has definitely strong sport vibe! You can see so many people jogging in the parks or cycling bike on the streets. The infrastructure of the city is very well organised and the streets are clean and maintained. There are also easy accessible open air fitnesses free of charge – all you need is motivation 🙂 If you decide to attend sport, requiring venue, the choice is also quite good: high level gyms, swimming pools and group classes and racket courts.


Squash is an English sport with long tradition. It can be played by 2 or 4 people,inside or outside, which makes it ideal to share moments with family and friends. Squash is intensive, elegant and fair. This sport really can make you sweat and what is better than that for keeping up the good shape!

Club Danube

When my boyfriend surprised me with a squash racket for Christmas, I was really “oh wow” because I have never played this sport before but somehow I knew that I am gonna like it:). Very soon after we started visiting Club Danube to play squash. I have to tell that since very first moment I loved the place! It has so old school atmosphere and is very easy accessible by U3, station Erdberg. This is the closest to our home, BUT there are another ones in Alt Erlaa, Alte Donau, Donauzentrum, Hütteldorf, Ottakring and Sportpark (

The price for 30 minutes, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (the whole day) is only 8 euro! I am saying “only” because in the country where I am coming, Bulgaria, is 3 times more expensive.

The girls on the reception are really nice, it is very clean everywhere and the atmosphere brings you back in some German movie from the 70s 🙂

Bring your clean sport shoes, shorts and t-shirt. If you forger your bottle with water, don’t worry! In Club Danube they sell drinks, protein bars and light food.



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