Spring in Vienna

Spring is fully underway and what better way to spend it than walking through vineyards and drinking wine! The 19th district is home to a number of Heurigen (plur.) and beautiful walking paths. What is a Heuriger (sing.)? Since there is no equivalent in English, it is basically a seasonal wine tavern. These establishments have a special license that permits them to sell wine and juices from the recent years supply for a given period of time. Most Heurigen are open for 3-4 weeks at a time.

To celebrate the Heuriger season I decided to hit up Feuerwehr Wagner in Grinzing. Feuerwehr Wagner is a nice classical-style Heuriger with great food and great wine. I got a white spritzer and some typical Austrian salads and tongue. Yes, you read that right, beef tongue to be more precise was offered on the menu and was surprisingly delicious. I highly recommend checking it out.

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