summer time means hotttttttt

Apparently Vienna is having an unusual summer the weather has been sooooo hot. during the day it is usually between 30 and 35° and really unbearable. Most of the time in class we have a fan and all the windows open. honestly it might be better to study with air-conditioning. but we are all doing our best in the heat. typically directly after class I find a local pool to go swim. Because we live in the city there are no lakes directly near but Vienna has plenty of pools. there is also the Dona river but I think it might be a little too dirty to swim in. I mean you can go swimming in there but maybe not every day is a good idea. One area I find particularly nice is called Schönbrunn. it’s a little expensive €10 for a day pass. But in this heat I find it’s totally worth it. we only have class Monday through Thursday so on Friday my boyfriend and I left directly after class to Salzburg. we spent some time there with friends enjoying the cooler weather around beautiful lakes. it would be a shame to miss the Austrian lakes in the summer, here are a few photos.image imageimage

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