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Treffe and Naschmarkt

Friday evening is a perfect time for a date! The only question is what to do. And this was the question I faced yesterday. While I was puzzling my brain with different ideas, my date (a really nice Austrian guy) suggested going to Naschmarkt. As I didn’t have anything better, I agreed.

At the beginning I thought that it is a bit weird to walk through different so-called corner shops and answer “no, thanks” to any proposals to try either cheese, or meet, or some sweets. But in the end, my date suggested to stay at some cozy café/bar. The place turned out to be really nice actually. I cannot remember the name, but I can describe it. The music was truly relaxing, not too loud but not too quiet. The place offered Sturm: the seasonal Austrian drink which is made out of grapes and contains some percent of alcohol. You can choose either to sit inside or outside, but in any case the service would remain good. From one hour to another, time passed really quickly.

After such a promising beginning, my date and I decided to change location and we moved to Wein & Co, which is another pleasant place with specific atmosphere. Frankly speaking I liked Naschmarkt more as it has a very unique environment. One can even call it a special spirit that you wouldn’t expect to find in the heart of Vienna. But don’t get me wrong: Wein & Co is also a good way to spend your time, but just in a more classical way.

To summarize, the date went great and I guess we will meet again with this young man. Whether Naschmarkt was one of the factors that determined it, I cannot claim with assurance, but definitely it is a place worth visiting in Vienna.