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Vintage culture in Vienna – Flohmarkt

Vintage era

It’s so cool to be vintage nowadays! In the last decade “vintage” is the leading wave in pop culture, impacting fashion, beauty and interior as well. Except the fact is super trendy, the vintage concept is also eco friendly! Fashion image + environment support – such a great combo!

Austro-Hungarian culture

Vienna was capital of empire and this is reflected in so many beautiful ways. As a strong and important centre, the city is rich in cultural heritage. For example the architecture, which is one of the most mentioned highlights from the tourists, is result from a very intense development of art. Klimt, Shiele and Hundertwasser, such a masters influenced local scene. Other example for long running tradition is the craftsmanship of hats and gloves, definitely  one of the fashion”must”-s here. The aristocrat & bourgeoisie population through the years, added a significant touch to the everyday habits and their utensils. This results in amazing variety of beautiful decor objects.


Good news for all vintage lovers: in Vienna this concept of living is more accessible, comparing other countries in Europe. Clothing, decor and furniture, everyday life objects and sophisticated details- you can find everything on the cult Flohmarkt!  There you can obtain really nice things for low price. Every Saturday, since early morning, people from all around the Balkans are coming to sell their vintage treasures.  You can find really rare antiques together with low quality stuff made in China. That’s why it is important to choose carefully and informed. If you keep the bright side and avoid the trashy stuff , Flohmarkt is actually a world full with old school furniture, baroque chairs and crystal lamps, gloves and hats a la empress Sisi. For me Flohmarkt  is very inspiring place to visit and buy nice beautiful things which are full of history.

Rules and location

There is only one rule on the Flohmarkt: never pay the price asked first, always negotiate it. It is all depends of the particular seller and object, but sometimes you can buy on half or even below 1/2  price. The local sellers, Austrian and Germans, are more fair in terms of pricing. They have better clothing also. The location is at U4 station Kettenbrückengasse. Every Saturday from early morning till around 2 pm.