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Nowadays sport became an essential part of our lives. No matter whether you are a 15 years old teenager or a 50 years old grown-up, you should do some sports in order not only to feel healthier but also to look better.

Frankly speaking, I am not a big fan of sport. When I was in school, my only relation to the sport was lessons of Physical Education. First time I purchased the contract for gym when I was 17. The whole purpose of it was to prepare myself for the prom night and the graduation ceremony. Once I started I actually got passionate about it and was visiting gym at least 3 times per week. As a result, I lost some weight, became fitter and generally I was satisfied with the results. That’s why when I started with University and suddenly all the workload appeared that was incomparable to the school one, I stopped with my visits to the gym. Two years I had a break and didn’t even consider renewing the contract. However, by 19 years old, I realized that doing sport became a trend and each and every person at the Uni was a member of some fitness club. In addition, in comparison to other girls who were doing sports I felt disadvantage in the way I looked. So I bought a new contract from a new club. But, the studio turned out to be a group of fraudsters, so together with my money I lost my hope.

Only when I came to Vienna finally I decided to come back to sports and recover our “relationships”. And honestly, I don’t regret. Now I understand how important sport is. It helps to get rid of negative emotions and energy that you have. It facilitates better look. After a couple of months you get really involved and start buying better quality clothes for fitness studios, some equipment, maybe event gadgets. I do even buy special drinks.

To sum up, fitness or any kind of sport is not about latest trends or fashion-waves. It is about you feeling better, about living longer and pushing yourself harder. It helps not only your health, but also your spirit.