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Me and the city. Happy End!

me and moscow

“Moscow never sleeps” – these are the first words of a really popular song in Russia. To conclude my posts about Moscow and its atmosphere I will talk a bit about night life though I will also mention one of the latest architectural developments in the city.

Just last year the construction works of Moscow City were finished. The architectural ensemble is similar to the one in Vienna (Donau-City), but has bigger scope. The buildings are representing the modern style and have the facades that mostly are made out of glass. The headquarters of the hugest corporations are located there, for example – IBM, VTB Capital, City Corporation, Microsoft, and others. There is a huge shopping mall with cinema, gym and different restaurants. Also, there is a living area with one of the latest technological developments for houses and apartments. The prices, of course, reflect the advances that living complex is offering. Only in Moscow city you could spend the whole day, and there are other places in Moscow worth visiting (from previous posts). So prepare yourself.

Finally, we came to the night life of Moscow. Forget what you know about Vienna night life, because it is so incomparable with what Moscow can offer. Wherever you go you will be astonished. One place could be Vogue Café with white couches and fancy service where the bottle of wine costs 60 Euro. And right next to it there is Kamchatka Bar which reminds of Dick Max or Look Bar in Vienna, with cheap drinks and simple interior. There are several streets where one club is located just after another one. Moreover, I have been in Moscow only for short period of time and that is why I haven’t enjoyed the night life to the fullest, but I can already name at least 20 clubs that pop up in my mind. Isn’t it the proof?

To summarize, if you want to have adventures and experience another culture, then visit Moscow for sure and it will charm you.


Me and the City. Part II

Continuing my story about Moscow, I would like to highlight that this city can easily pull you to its flow and never let you go. I know so many people who come there for, let’s say an internship and then don’t want to leave the city, so they stay there for indefinite period of time.

I should admit that this is also almost the case with me. If I have to leave Vienna for some reasons, I would go to Moscow to pursue my goals there. Moscow is a huge cosmopolitan as it was said in my previous post that offers not only various career opportunities, but also different options for your leisure time and personal life. In the first part of my story I mentioned art galleries and churches, but there is so much more.

The Moscow State University offers a significant variety of educational fields that you could focus on. There are also programs in English so there are opportunities for international students also. In addition, the building of the University is one of the official places for sightseeing as it catches your breath with its tremendous size and general look.

Moscow offers a lot for students, including alternative lounge places where they could chill and relax after studying days. Such places are called co-working zones: there you pay for minutes spent in the café, not for snacks or drinks or Wi-Fi. The atmosphere of these places is unique, filled with energy, creativity and spirit of the youth.

Parks are another alternative for spending your free time. For the past couple of years the condition of parks was significantly improved and at the moment there are a lot of entertainments within parks’ territory. You could rent a bike, skates, ping-pong sets and other stuff for different kinds of sport. You could also lie on the grass (which was not allowed before in our country in general) or sit on the benches.

Even with what I have just described there is still so much to do, but I promise to finish in my next post for sure. Enjoy!

Me and the City!


I thought it could be an interesting thing to write about different cities as a new city means new emotions, new experience and new adventures.

I am originally from Russia, but Moscow is not my city, that’s why when I first arrived then I was amazed. So I decided to share my feelings about this City.

And the city is actually huge: only within the city frame there are more than 12 ml people, and if we take also the suburbs area then the population could be counted as 20 ml. Just to compare there are 1.5 ml people in Vienna.

Moscow is extremely big and breath-taking, however it is hard to move there from point A to B if you are a pedestrian.The roads are really wide and transportation system is more adjust to cars rather than to people. The prices are also quite high. You could easily spend there 200 Euro per day without even noticing. However, if we deduct these two factors, then I should say that Moscow definitely deserves visiting.

Kremlin is of course the most well-known and popular sightseeing place in Moscow. The territory it occupies is truly giant, so be ready to spend there at least 4 hours. Next to Kremlin there are several shopping malls, the governmental buildings, the most luxurious hotels, and may other interesting places.

If you are a church-lover, then Moscow is your city: personally I haven’t been yet in another city that has more churches than Moscow. The entrance to all of them is for sure for free and there you could not only take beautiful pictures and enjoy the originality of Russian architecture, but also learn a bit of the Russian history as there are always so stories that you can read.

If you are an art-lover, then Moscow goes for you too. Simply, take Tretiakovskaya Gallery – the hugest art exhibition that collects not only the most famous paintings of Russian artists but also treasures of other cultures.

Wow…Seems that I could write much more about this city. So let’s stop here for now, and I will continue in my next blog.