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Heurigen day

Heurigen – tradition you HAVE to experience

Two weeks ago I didn’t know anything about Heurigen and look at me now – I am writing an article to recommend it. It was just love from first sight! I am person who definitely loves “dolce vita” and I can say that the Heurigen  is the Austrian version of this concept. In general this is lovely outdoor restaurant located in between vineyards, serving amazing local dishes and self produced wine. In Google you can find a lot of options but the best thing is still to get tips from the locals.

We were invited on a birthday party in Heurigen Hirt. There is a short way straight to the place but we prefer walking for like 1 hour through the vineyards. We took U4 to Spitalau and then the tram D to Nussdorf. It’s a small ex-village, nowadays Vienna district. The atmosphere over there is relaxed, the air is fresh and birds are singing. The road through the vineyards towards Heurigen is flat and easy for walking. All of the Heurigens are famous with delicious food they are serving so it’s very good for your body to get walk before and after it.

On your way through the vineyards you can see one part which is the celebrity dedicated one. A lot of famous people came here and left their blessings and good thoughts to the grapes.

Heurigen Hirt is located on very nice spot with stunning view to the city. You can order different type of red and white wine locally produced. The food list is short but more than satisfying. Both meat and vegetarian options. We tried the grilled vegetables, filled potato, bread and one very interesting soft cheese. You have to be careful, the prices are quite high but it’s worthy at least for once to try this experience – Heurigen visit!



What do you do on Sundays?

I have been living in Vienna for a while already, and there are a lot of things that I got used to. For example, shops opening hours, fees for clubs’ entrance, service routines, etc. However, there is still one thing that makes me wondering! What people occupy their Sundays with?

For sure, city administration organizes different events, especially when the weather is good. This weekend there was a Street Festival, when some entertainments were offered in every district. Personally, I believe that it is a good initiative from the government’s side. Though, let us assume there is nothing going on. All stores are closed, most of the restaurants (except for city center) are closed, libraries are closed, so are cinemas and in addition the weather is bad (so you cannot go for a walk). What do you do?

Frankly, speaking Sunday became my least favorite day of the week here in Vienna. Of course, one could argue that students can study at home, parents could spend their time playing with children, love-birds could enjoy each other. Sounds like a nice plan, and I would like to believe that this is what actually happens. Though, there is this sixth sense that keeps telling me that most of the people no matter what their age or family status is spend their time in front of either TV or laptop. And this makes me said.

The question I would like to raise is whether this lazy day is actually needed in Austria, whether it actually helps to develop yourselves, or it only brings harm by creating laziness and apathy in people? Internationals in Vienna hardly get used to the fact that Sunday is a “dead-day” of the week, and I am among those people.

So if you have any suggestions what to do, how to get busy, please, let me and the rest of Vienna know.