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May in Vienna

May is one of the most beautiful months through the year. The spring is in its sublime moment and the Nature is blooming generously. If you are flower & plant fan like me, than you will love Vienna in May. All of the public gardens and parks in the city look like fairytale decor. Splendid variety of colours and aromas are transforming totally the urban vibe.


In the heart of the city is located one truly enchanting place – the Volksgarten. It is very easy accessible by U3,station Vokstheater, exit Volksgarten. The area is quite wide, including two local restaurants and one big outdoor night club. In May Volksgarten is attracting a lot of visitors due to the famous rose garden inside.

Queen of flowers

Among so many different types of roses, the May roses are outstanding with its aroma and long beautiful blooming. Entering Volksgarden you can feel the divine perfume made by Mother Nature. The wave of rose scents its so strong and non forgettable. In front of your eyes is opening a stunning view of hundreds roses in different colours. Red, pink, purple, yellow, white, creme,orange … so many beauties waving their petals gently.

Afternoon chill

We chose to visit Volksgarten for a Sunday walk and we had great time! The atmosphere is calm and chill. Although there was a lot of people visiting, there was space for anybody to enjoy the roses and make dozen of photos and selfies. The arty and positive vibe is completed by street musicians playing instruments. My personal favourite is a lady with harp- it elevates the experience on another level!

Picnic or restaurant

In Volksgarten you can choose how to spend your time – laying in the soft grass and chilling or try a traditional Schnitzel in the local old school bistro.