I LOVE VIENNA! //Let’s take a Night Walk in the First District!!

I love Vienna……..


Because it is a very beautiful city. Especially I like this season. The night is becoming brighter and brighter so you can enjoy the night life as well as the european style buildings with lighting up both natural and made light. If you are first time in Vienna, I definitely recommend you to take a walk in first district. Because it is awesome. Many old buildings are kept and organized nicely. There are many shops around there too.


Kärntner Straße for sure, and you can go into a small path to get to Hofburg Palace. You will see a carriage sometime and all of historic architecture that makes you feel as if you are living in the old time. Churches are nicely lighted up. I like the night walk. If you are food person and like sweet thing, you can also go down to Schwerdenplatz from the one of the mail church called Stephansdom. Over there, there are couple of cafe you can go. In Vienna, people eat many ice cream and cake so it is really worth trying!!

Our city hall is not only the roll of city hall. In front of city hall, there are often some event going on. From now on, I think there is gonna be musical and opera place that you can see famous group or people’s video with a huge screen and there are a lot of international restaurant coming there. The atmosphere is like a big night club. So it is good to check up before heading there.





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