Tasty meal

As I am still a new one in this city, I can’t name a big amount of places to spend evening or weekend in. However I have been in few places and some of them I liked and some not. Today I’m going to share information that I already have with you guys.
We are starting with breakfast. Most valuable and important meal of the day which fuels up your body for a new day accomplishments. Normally I eat it at home, but sometimes when you get up too late, there is a need in fast snack. And that’s the time when “Ströck” is completely what you need. It would seem not credible at the first sight, because mostly they are located at U-bahn stations but don’t fool yourself with this and just try it. Because I have never tasted so delicious buns and well made coffee. Honestly, sometimes I get up too late just to eat in this bakery 🙂
Since I am a student, I don’t spend too much money on going out to the restaurants, but once in a while I make an exception. Exception for “Vapiano”. It’s not super a luxury place, where you need to reserve in the week ahead. “Vapiano” is a normal restaurant, one of the many in city with calm atmosphere and good interior. This places keeps my attention and loyalty with one simple thing. Extremely delicious pasta. Like really, try it. Various types of pasta and fillers are at your disposal. Chefs are cooking right in front of you additionally asking about your preferences. Also plants which are staying on the tables, are edible. It’s kind of cool and very creative.
So choose one day and try my must-try places. Hope it will please you too 🙂

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