Teacher Appreciation Post

I just wanted to write a short post to talk about how awesome my teacher is. Since the class is wrapping up now and we are in our final week of the intensive Deutschkurs, it felt like time to talk about the person who has made my experience learning German so enjoyable.

Laura has been amazing to us as a teacher. She seems to have a million different games swirling around in her head to make learning fun, and she never fails to make the class laugh with her stories. She manages to keep the class focused while also allowing us to practice speaking in German with each other and getting to know each other. I have been amazed at how seamlessly I have learned so much. For example, last night at class Laura told us a story about how her brother got a small pig from his friend and then convinced their mother to keep the pig, and then eventually her mother was tasked with finding a new home for the pig, who ended up placing the pig with a farmer. I can say with complete certainty that prior to taking this class I would have understood maybe 10% of that story; last night, however, I understood everything. That is in no small part thanks to Laura.

Lastly, I just want to say that Laura’s dedication to only using German in our class is amazing. After having the class for 4 weeks I’m still unsure if Laura can even speak English (she can of course, but refuses to in order to force us to learn how to adapt to speaking German). Sometimes it was a bit frustrating, but it was an invaluable learning tool as well.

Thank you Laura, for an amazing class and an amazing experience learning German!

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