Test Day!

Today is THE day. 15 exercises in 1 hour and a half: 4 of vocabulary (food and drinks, family relations, kitchen tools, and garbage), 8 of grammar (Indefinitpronomen, Direktionaladverb, wenn, Konjunktiv II of können and sollen, weil, Wechselpräpositionen mt Akkusativ and Dativ..), and 3 of communication with neighbours and in a restaurant. Again, I don’t want to jinx it, but I think it went well. Except for the vocabulary which you know I hate.

The interview later went fine. I really like this position and the work the company does, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I went for a run right after, and I was lucky to get out to see the sunset in time – what a beauty!

I’m lucky to live this close to Schönbrunn. It’s a great place to go for walks and runs in any season. I heard they actually change the flowers and floral patterns in the gardens every season, so it’s always a new feeling every time. And the way you’re able to immerse yourself in the forest, and forget you’re in a European capital… you gotta love Vienna.