Test day

Today on Monday, June 27 started the last week of my course. So far we have learned such a many things. The main focus , as I think, was on teaching us how to use words with indefinite, definite and without articles. Since most of the exercises were including this theme. And this is understandable, because it is a basis, which is used in everyday life. Also I have learned other things as well, and became a little closer to understanding and being a part of this language.

Today was a decisive day for my knowledge, which must have shown me, my real progress which I made in a last month. Test day.
In the evening, the day before it, I walked through all stuff, that we passed, and made some not done exercises in workbook. I felt myself very confident after it and the test didn’t seem so scary to me.
So that day is on and meanwhile I was doing test only one thought was on my mind : no fails. I checked each exercise with full attention twice. I just wanted to make it completely right, don’t know why, maybe it was my pride or perfectionism, or both at once.
After 45 minutes of an intensive brain work, test laid on the teachers desk, ready for a grade. Honestly I was 60 percents sure that everything is correct, but not today 🙂 I got my final result and it is 82 out of 84, just two little mistakes, made most of inattention than non-acquaintance. I am quite happy with this result, because hard work paid off. And good Deutsch Courses too 🙂

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