That have I learnt in Deutschkurs

Three weeks of Deutsch Akademie are over, and I am able to say that I have learnt many things. For me it was very important to study grammar, and more important thing is, that I this theory is taught by a professional teacher. We learnt such things as konjunktiv and past forms.In Deutsch Akademie we practice a lot of  speaking and conversations. Actually, this is very good, because im my opinion you should not only learn grammar, but you should be able to apply those knowledge in practice. Also, our teacher Julia is teaching us many new vocabulary, as she said, every lesson we should have written down at least ten new words, so by the end of the course we should be able to apply 160 new words and this is a lot, I assume.Of course just attending and participating in Deutsch Kurs is never enough. I should dedicate to your German much more than just 3 hours per day. My tip is follows: if you know anybody who knows German, talk with him 🙂 Talk as much as you can. For example, drummer in my Band, he is from Munich and I always try to speak German with him. I know that for many people it is very hard, because you should step up from your comfort zone, it is hard, I know, but it is the fastest way to learn German 🙂 Talk, talk and once again talk!

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