the Akkusativ!!

Last Thursday, I learned a WHOLE NEW CASE, the akkusativ. So now I can say “I eat a sandwich” correctly. Clearly a very important objective. I can’t wait to learn the past tense so I stop sounding like an ogre. I eat sandwich. I cook food. I buy many things today at the grocery store. I want go to München. Ogre ogre ogress.

Seriously, though, I can’t believe this is my last week of German class! I feel like I’ve just started to get the hang of the schedule, going from work to class, and I want to continue while I’m feeling so positive about learning! I also really want the same teacher for my next class… Ich liebe Reinhardt. For anyone thinking about taking beginning German at the Deutsch Akademie, rest assured that Reinhardt will help you through the pain and agony of not knowing how to say anything at all.

And also the grammar forum of the DeutschAkademie has a nice posting about the difference between Akkusativ and Dativ.

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