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To begin my blog with, I would like to introduce myself to the reader: I am Assel, a 20 years old, active and sociable person with passion in dances and music! I am from Kazakhstan and currently live in Vienna. In my blog, I am willing to describe the most important aspect of adaptation to life in Vienna – this might be challenging, but, honestly, this is the most interesting stage of my life!!! This is already second time when I move from one country to another. The first one was Finland – I moved there when I turned 18 in order to study International Business in the University of Applied Sciences and after two great years there I took a chance to apply for an Erasmus exchange and my choice fell on Austria, Vienna. As a result, here I am, in Vienna, studying Finance and Banking at Fachhochschule des bfi Wien and stubbornly learning German. For this purposes, the only one reasonable option for me was to take intense courses at Deutschakademie. Despite the fact that I have studied German for about year and a half now, I still don’t feel comfortable speaking and comprehending this language. I believe, Deutschakademie will build a stable ground of knowledge and practice in German language and also will dive deeper into Austrian culture and history. I am very excited to begin the course and step in the process of studying German.
Hope you enjoyed reading my introductory post! I will try my best to make it simple, fun and interesting!
P.S. I adore Christmas time in Vienna, so enjoy those pics!!! Merry Christmas to everyone!  img_2172img_2679

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