Trip to Slovenia part 2: Piran

Camp Lucija

Very near to the camping there is Mercator supermarket where you ca find all type of products you need on very reasonable prices. Very close to the camp there is also Pharmacy. Everything works till late – 8:30-9:00 in the evening. You have several options for beach in Lucija camp. The first one is on the platform at the end of the camping. There is enough space on it and the entering in the sea is quite easy thanks to stairs. Over there you can also find showers as well. If you prefer you can continue ahead where you enter zone with grass. There is also surf camp and bar for beer and drinks. The overall atmosphere is chill and easy.



Piran is another small village on Adriatica coast. It is 8 km from Lucija. You can take the bus from the big bus station across the camp. Station number 5, every 10 minutes, billet costs 1,20 euro in one direction. Don’t bring your pet with you – we had problem with this on the way back from Piran and we had to take a taxi. Between Camp Lucija and Piran is Portorose. This is the commercial and mainstream part of the region. We didn’t like it because we prefer more sophisticated and authentic places. BUT when you enter in Piran, you understand what really beautiful Adriatica village means! It’s stunning! I can compare it only with Amalfi and Positano! The harbour is small but perfectly organised, the architecture follows best mediterranean traditions, the people are smiley and positive. You can walk through the little streets and enjoy the maritime chill atmosphere. Oleanders, roses, olives and figs fill the air with divine smell. There is small beach with platform and stairs to the sea. You can also step to the top of the village and enjoy breath taking view to the port and the see. A lot of restaurants, bars and cafes fill up the small streets. You can find also some very nice small shops for handmade clothes and accessories. The prices are normal, but not cheap.

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