trips between class

Like I wrote before, one of the beauties about living in Vienna is how close you really are to everywhere else in the world. I traveled with my boyfriend this weekend to Russia! Kazan was hostiimage image imageng the world championships for all water sports. For example…. swimming, water polo, diving and the newest sport is high diving. High diving is from 27 m for men and 20 m for women. it’s amazing to watch these incredible athletes dive from such a height. I was lucky enough to be a guest during the competition and I was able to watch all of the events. It was easy for us to travel there… it was only two x two hour flights. Not bad at all I think for being in a completely different place. It was my first time to rush and I thought it was the coolest experience. The people were so friendly and the organizers for the event provided everything we could’ve asked for and more. I think that if I was still living in the US I wouldn’t have the chance to visit Russia like I did. at least I would’ve been a lot more jetlagged 😉. here are some cool photos from the trip…..

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