Twelve day in Deutsch Akademie. My favourites restaurants in town


As I mentioned before, Vienna has so many interesting places that evening locations are not the exception.

You find food from various countries and styles, but definitively the Austrian food is excellent. Besides the famous Heurigers (typical restaurants), I really recommend the “Zwolf-Apostel-Keller”, Twelve Apostles Basement, a subway medieval building where you can find most of the Austrian food and with convenient prices during all the year, but particularly in winter, when you can drink hot beverages and always a good wine exclusively made for the restaurant.

I also like the japanese food and in Vienna there are some excellent restaurants. I prefer one in the heart of town, near Stephansplatz, Akakiko restaurant, which has convenient prices and good food.

For the coffee fanatics you will find a great quantity of cafe shops along the city, but specially in the center. Having made a tour in some of them, I really like “Cafe Central”, in the Herrengasse Street, nice, comfortable where you can drink the best of the best, as the famous “melange” coffee and a delicious “Sacher Torte”, (chocolate cake). The interesting of this Cafe is the fact that you feel time stops and you can enjoy its quiet atmosphere listening piano, reading a dialy newspaper or talking in low voice with your friends.


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