vienna by

Yesterday a received a link from a friend:
Vienna by Ultravox
hahaha.It’s really cool to see images of the city back from 1981!!
Just for the history:

“Vienna” is a song by the British new wave band Ultravox. The single was released on 15 January 1981, and spent 4 consecutive weeks at #2 in the UK singles chart without ever getting to #1[1]. “Vienna” was kept off the UK #1 slot by John Lennon’s “Woman” for a week, and then most famously by Joe Dolce’s novelty hit, “Shaddap You Face”, for a further 3 weeks[2], although “Vienna” did sell more copies however was ranked as the 5th best selling UK single for 1981. It also won “Single of the Year” at the 1981 Brit Awards. To date, it remains Ultravox’s signature song, being their most commercially successful release and is often performed live on their solo performances.

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