Vienna Food Festival Weekend

I think many people can agree this: I like Austrian food, but being raised in South Korea and China, I have seen better and more diverse street food scenes. But once in a while, like this weekend, street foods of Vienna from the corners where you were clearly not aware of come out to a single place: Vienna Food Festival.

img_6492-1This weekend from Thursday to Sunday, Vienna Food Festival #3 takes place at Marx-Halle 1030. Apparently, 50 food trucks introducing different types of cuisines (including weird fusions as always). Last time, they had one by MQ, and I saw someone selling kimchi hotdog…. Anyway, I have been to two previous Food Fests, but this is by far the biggest and maybe best organized one of all. On Thursday (today), it opened at 5pm and goes on until 11, and unlike tomorrow and Saturday, there is no entry fee. Tomorrow it starts at 4pm and the food part of the fest goes until 11pm with 5 euro entry fee, but there is an after party from 11pm until 2am. Sorry, it costs 10 euros :(, and I am guessing all the food trucks will be gone as well? Saturday’s schedule is just like that of Friday, except it opens at noon for those who will be very likely to be hungover… Sunday entry also costs 5 euros, and it is open from 12pm to 8pm.

I went today because it was free, but unfortunately I was not as hungry as I wish I was. Therefore, I only got a few bites, but for those who are hesitating to go this weekend due to its entry fee. I think it’s worth it. They have all different kinds of food there, and most of them are very affordable!

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