Vienna is a dog friendly city!

Dogs are family

I am sure that all of you who has a dog will agree with me – dogs are much more than pets, they are family! No matter the breed or the size, all the dogs bring joy and make us better and more responsible humans. I brought my dog from Bulgaria. Her name is Romy and she is adopted, mix breed. Fun fact: I named her after the Austrian actress Romy Schneider even before I knew I will be living in Vienna!

Dog friendly city

When I became a dog owner, I start to notice so much more things around. For example in the country where I am coming from, Bulgaria, the streets are not very clean, with lot of trash spread on the ground. Well, except is not cool at all it was big problem for Romy eating all kind of stuff she finds. Here in Vienna is absolutely the opposite- it is so clean everywhere! The streets, the sidewalks, parks and gardens. There are also a lot of bins where you can throw your trash. Not only this BUT you can also find dispensers for free poop bags. Normally they are located in front of the dog playgrounds.


All of the great and positive things come with some rules also. It is really important to be strict in following the signs for where it is and where it is not allowed for dogs. Some areas are strictly prohibited, for example the gardens around historic monuments. In these cases it is preferably to pass quickly and with the dog on leash and with muzzle if possible. Other very important rule is when you are travelling with your 4 paws best friend in U Bahn. Then you have to buy one ticket for 1,20 euro, valid for one direction and the dog should wear a muzzle 100%.

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