Vienna – the city I love

For today, I am going to write about my feeling and life in Vienna………………………


Vienna is very nice and comfortable city. It is not as big as Tokyo or London for example but it is categolized as a big city and has many things you can enjoy. It has many historical buildings (like other EU country, the city itself is museum for me) I am fascinated about. There are also modern buildings like UN building and near there.

If you want to go to shopping, you can easily get to shops. Since Vienna is compact and because the transpatiation is well developed, you can go to every part of the city within almost always 1 hour (usually 30min-). You can enjoy the cloth shopping, food we have a very nice market called “naschmarkt” where you will see many fresh vegitable, fruit, meat and fish and everything.

Vienna is very famous for music. If you go around the city, you will see a lot of people bringing some kind of musical instrument (usually young student learning music). We have a big opera house at just a center of the city. So you will be able to enjoy real music. And there are also free event for music doing occastionally. Especially during summer, at the townholl the city offers nice music event. You can listen to interesting opera, singing song on the huge screen. Internatioanl food restarurant are going to be there as well.

There are many thing about Vienna that I cannot write here only for tonight. The best thing for you to know Vienna is to visit here! I garrantee you that you do not disappoint traveling here and also living here. If you want to have a new experience, check it out!


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