Wanna swim in Vienna? 3 tips for you!

Hello again. These days are really hot (actually the whole August), therefore swimming after you finish your homework for DeutschAkademie is the only possibility how to cool yourself (the second one is to stay in the bathroom and relax in the iced water, but that´s kinda boring).

This is my 3rd week here and I have tried different places to swim. Here you go!

Seestadt Aspern City

Aspern Seestadt is one of Europe’s largest urban development projects. Here in Vienna’s fast-growing 22nd district in the north-east of the city, a new urban center is taking shape – a smart city with a heart, designed to accommodate the whole spectrum of life (source HERE). Because I wrote my diploma thesis on the topic of Smart Cities, I was thrilled to visit this place. We met there with my two friends, one of them studies at Deutsch Akademie too. The place looks cool and that time was not crowded. Swimming is for free; the only cost might be your time because it takes circa 45 minutes by city transport to get there. Water is quite clean, and the beach is pebbly. If you have time, give it a try!

I personally believe that this place will grow up very fast and, in a few years, will look even more livable and cozy.


Aspern Seestadt

Danube River

Obviously. Needed to say, there are many places to go swimming in the Danube. However, I have not tried them all. I wrote in one of my previous posts Danube Island, the man-made island. This week I joined my friends for a short swim in the river. The beach was full of people enjoying Monday afternoon and mostly grassy. Water was a little bit dirty around the cost, but after a while of swimming to the middle of the river, it was clean. The place is situated close to Brigittenau Bridge, to go there you must cross it from the side of Handlesakai and turn left. Swimming there is of course for free.


Badeschiff Wien

If you do not mind paying an extra 5 EUR for super clean swimming pool and you wanna drink your super cold bear meanwhile, then Badeschiff is the place to be! It is basically a huge ship permanently located in Donaukanal, in which downstairs is a swimming pool and upstairs is a bar. I love this place so much that I decided to write one full post about it coming soon!


And what is your favorite place to swim?


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