Welcome to Vienna!


Vienna is a small city but with international environment. Here you can find very beautiful architectural ensembles like baroque castles, cathedrals, gardens, monuments. Everything is clean and organized. It is the city of music, because of its musical legacy and it is the city of dreams because it was home of Sigmund Freud, the father of psycho-analyst.

But what is really amazing for me is that everybody in this place is enjoying in their houses and flats of water comes directly from the mountains. We are drinking and taking a shower with pure water. Vienna’s water comes from the Lower Austrian-Styrian Alps. The water reaches Vienna without pumps through galleries and due to extensive spring protection, the water needs no treatment. I think this was one good reason to be ranked in the first place of cities with best quality of life in the world. Vienna was in this place for four years (2009-2012) until 2012 when this status changed and Vienna was ranked number two.

The English name Vienna is borrowed from the Italian name Vienna. Vienna and the official German name Wien, are thought to be derived from the Celtic word “windo-“, meaning bright or fair.  But there are different opinions about that. Some said that the name comes from Vedunia, meaning “forest stream,” And this make sense thank to beautiful forest stream there are in and around the city.


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