What did I learn in Deutsch Akademie?

Well, the lessons at the Deutsch Akademie are pretty intensive. We cover a lot of material during our classes. For instance, last lesson we studied two kinds of “Vergangenheit”  (past tense). I found it a bit difficult because you need to know all the past forms of a verbs. For example you take the verb in the infinitive form “sein”, the present form of which would be “bin (ich)”, past form would be “war” and finally, the perfect form would be “ist gewessen”.

Do you see? It is complicated 🙂

Another thing I find kind very difficult is of course prepositions and articles. I think that it is true for everyone who is trying to learn German.In fact the reason I went to a Deutsch Curse and not studied by myself, is that I need someone to explain me the Grammar and of course to break my comfort zone and finally start applying theory to practice.

I hope that my German Course is going to be fruitfull and very helpful for my future carrier and studies.

Here is a photo of me taking an exam at my University:img_9243.JPG

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